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I was the best damn thing that ever happened to you. I should have been the only important thing to you, because I was the only thing that ever cared. You cannot inject me in your veins, but you could have held me close til we became one. You could have loved me, poured all your anger, sorrow, terror and confusion into me, because that was what I was there for.
I loved you.
I spent every waking hour of every day ripping at my insides trying to find every shred of willpower to stay with you. I ripped to the point there was nothing left.
My insides became an embodyment on your skin, the marks you leave from your jagged finger nails, picking at unseen terrors scares me.
The length at which I will go to fix you does too.
I loved you.
I split myself in two to save your soul, by pouring my being into a cup and serving it to you every morning with your breakfast.
I swallowed my pride and it clawed it's way out of  mouth.
I slept beside you every night and let my hopes and dreams inv
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Berlin wall
He became existential through time
Without much reason nor rhyme
A shadow splashed across a flickered heart
Never together, but merely apart
A smile, though grim
With what lay within
Notes press against my finger tips
Darkened by a never ending eclipse
Forthright with anger, I though the glass
though I'm never lucky enough for an impasse
Inches separate, though miles away
Across the brain, a tight rope walk
Tears rip through the fiercest storm
Though are rather misinformed
For it shall never begin to cease
Nay, for it shall truly increase
Brick by brick the wall was built
My Berlin wall will soon be silt
The house I built to house myself
Was bare save my selfish wealth
The porch is gone, and soon the floor will be too
For he has led my life askew
He became existential through time
My brain found no reason, but my heart found rhyme
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Eyes blind back the blur of 3:11
I choke back dreams erupting from my lungs
Biting symbolic holes through my tongue
Pen strokes run rapid behind my eyelids
Engraved, safe from all the songs that fight to rid
Violin grates against my frayed nerves
I relish in the abuse I believe it deserves
Starting at a reflection on eraser ruined paper
Twenty-eight, my words now turn to vapor
Wind blows from my open shades
I count the days since my ocean wades
Whispered words of ancient trees
When breathing was of ease
For how easy I let go of what was once mine
For letting time slip through my fingers
Letting my room fill with the regret that lingers
Thirty, summers here again
Decades seem to pass, but leave no stain
I cannot chew on the days gone by
So I swallow them as my reply
For I lost my self control in the long run
Despite my remorse though
The words will rot on my tongue before I let go
It all ends wit
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To My Backstabbing Buddy
I wish you knew
Everything that's said about you
When your back is turned
Oh girl, your fucking burned
Reputation shot
Friends can't be bought
Stop smiling at me baby doll
I'm just here to watch you fall
You love how they say you're hot
You love the attention you think you've caught
Small town girl with a boyish charm
You just doing yourself harm
You spread you legs faster then Lohan
Doing whatever you can
Breaking a sweat as you try to dance
Thinking the boys are in a fucking trance
You swing those hips like you own the place
But no ones thinking of even going to first base
You love how they say you're hot
You love the attention you think you've caught
Small town girl with a boyish charm
You just doing yourself harm
Oh dear, you've got it bad
You're thighs have become another teen fad
Oh dear, you've got it bad
You're thighs have become another teen fad
You love how they say you're hot
You love the attention you think you've caught
Small town girl with a boyish charm
Your just doing y
:iconfifums:FiFuMs 3 20
With tempting grace
I will fall in place
To the growing power
Truth is tasting sour
It's arms encircle my neck
To a flaming wreck
And with the whispering words
Like chirps from melancholy birds
It speaks to my weakening mind
Covers my eyes and making me blind
Slipping through my veins
Interrupted by midnight trains
Smoke trails across my eyes
Taunting the fireflies
With these city lies
It lusts for other thighs
The urge to share my pain
To infect an others brain
Locked inside the room
It digs my welcomed tomb
With promises of lullaby's
I hear it's loving cries
"Return to me my dear
Addiction wont disappear
I will hold you here
Even if you begin to fear..."
I slide in it's embrace
Myself lost, down to the last trace
:iconfifums:FiFuMs 0 4
Fatally Intriguing
An ode to the dead boy
Every girls fantasy toy
Fatally intriguing, yet continually eluding
Unofficial fan group recruiting
Nine thousand reasons to try
Eight million more to cry
The wells within the deep of his eye
Cause commotion, fleeting wishes to die
An ode to the dead boy
Who dares play coy
Beautiful in his silence, in his secrecy
Cold to all with intimacy
A shut file, a closed case
Lips stitched closed with forbidden lace
Shallow words and moody looks
Fairy tale illusion from long forgotten books
An ode to the dead boy
Who holds you close with no joy
Warm hands ensure a cold heart
Dead eyes that tear your soul apart
Cold and mean, like sugarless sherbert. You cry tears, and ignore your fears. You fall apart to hold his heart. He's far to dead to let you near, and my dear... He loves you, he loves everyone
:iconfifums:FiFuMs 0 5
Please Don't Cry
Please don't cry
Everything'll turn out right
I promise I'll try
To make it through the night
I'll hold you close
And keep you near
'Cause I suppose
You need me here
You seem to be fallin', crawling
Arms out stretched
You wont admit it, stallin
But you're "okay's" are farfetched
You may refuse it
Push me away
But god damn quit
This fake, one act play
I'm not gonna lie, I care
Others may believe they do
But who's taken the wear and tear
Who's stuck by, who's been true?
So, cut the crap and smile
My dear I miss it so
It's honestly been awhile
Let that grin show
:iconfifums:FiFuMs 1 5
Branded By Bars
The warm water washed away your sins
But did it clear the scars?
They appeared clear upon our skins
As if branded by bars
Slipping Novocain between
These memories of you
Making it clean
Pretending it's true
Screaming out loud
In an empty room
Standing up proud
Despite impending doom
Lingering fingers trail
Cunning and sly
Raising flesh braille
Upon an innocent thigh
Closed off ears
Can hear no wrong
Despite the years
Their resolve stayed strong
While I take this battery
While you carry on
I'll dissect this anatomy
Of the king and the pawn
The warm water washed away your sins
But did it clear the scars?
They appeared clear upon our skins
As if branded by bars
:iconfifums:FiFuMs 0 0
Films stained red
Blurring frames of the dead
Holes in place of memories
Tried, failed, to weave a destiny
Would have been our fate
Yet again, my heart was too late
For, I took you for granted
Should have listened, when I ranted
I let our time slip through my fingers
Now regret is all that lingers
Only memories played on a screen
My dear, beautiful Kathleen
They wither, between finger tips
Words die behind closed lips
Moments pass, without a trace
Soon, there is only space
Time runs out, the end is near
My dear, I cry, but please don't fear
You, unaware, the pain overbearing
I wished to hold your hand, still caring
Like my rose, your life is now at an end
Now, my time to hope that my heart will mend...
:iconfifums:FiFuMs 2 1
Confusion - Final by FiFuMs Confusion - Final :iconfifums:FiFuMs 1 23 Confused WIP by FiFuMs Confused WIP :iconfifums:FiFuMs 1 8
But you never cared..
See, there's this thing right?
Yeah, it's called my heart.
That thing, in your chest.
Yup, it beats.
And you?
Yeah, you stabbed it.
Just a bit.
Just a little, right through the centre.
It bled, oh yes, it bled a lot.
There's a big puddle of it.
Upon the floor, but you know, we can always clean that up.
When the times right, until then, we'll sit and stare at it.
It's just my heart, that thing on the floor that's bleeding.
Doesn't really matter much.
Just the only thing keeping me alive.
But you never really cared did you?
:iconfifums:FiFuMs 0 3
Merry What?
Snow drifts line the frost bitten streets
Light from lamps shine at their meets
The world is aglow with fire and light
The glare is way too fucking bright
Cheeks painted red with wind rash
Wrapping paper now lay crumpled in the trash
Demolished is the excitement
Which one though was heaven sent
Smile, greetings, just a matter of hello
It's not for someone so far below
The standard of living, you see
Because all that live their are like me
Our teeth are clenched, though perfectly white
For, why ruin this night with another fight
One day a year we play "family"
As if we did it happily
Let what we call "together"
Create the facade we'll be "forever"
Let what we hate depict what we are
Let what we miss be who we scar
The world is aglow with fire and light
I refuse to take the glare...
It's too fucking bright...
:iconfifums:FiFuMs 1 0
The Facade They Imply...
What if, every day
When you walk by
And still don't say
Or even try
To reach out close
To someone near
To someone who knows
And could love you dear
You walk on by
And don't see through
The facade they imply
Don't see what's true
Over and over
You pass right on
Don't look, moreover
But act withdrawn
The days speed past
And soon it's late
You've come in last
So for once just wait
You stand on by
And watch them closely
By now there's no way to deny
That their perfectly, well mostly.
The hours you've spent
Not taking your time
Are wasted and went
Ignoring something sublime
So hold them close, don't let them go...
Because it took you that long to love them so....
:iconfifums:FiFuMs 3 2
WIP:Did I Not Love You Enough?
Please tell me before you fade away
Did I not love you enough to make you stay?
How could I have been so foolish to
Let you fall right on through
Did I not grasp hard enough
Or was I silly enough to not call your bluff
Should I have cried when you let go
Did I not tell you I loved you so
Was I silent when I needed to speak
Am I entirely too weak?
If I were to tell you right now
Would it be something you'd disallow
:iconfifums:FiFuMs 0 2
Mature content
Three Fucking Words :iconfifums:FiFuMs 4 8


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I've yet again sunk away from dA like a spoiled child.
I seem to have the inability to stick to a commitment, but I do hope I find a way to lurk around here much more.
I seemed to have returned to a ridiculous amount of page views since I have disappeared
I'm nearly at 10,000? What is this?
I post almost once a year!
Anyways, my dear old dA friends, I miss your company.

As I've recently moved out of my parents home, across the country and now live along in a quaint apartment by myself in my old home town, I've found myself with more free time.
What else can a 17 year old do when she can't drink, drive or go clubbing?
I guess I shall start becoming a hermit again, and refusing to see the light of day unless it involves school, work or food.

I assume I'm trying to express that I've returned.


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This dust will gladly be your best friend,
If one could consider themselves open enough to be with dead skin cells and rotted bug corpses (Dust.)


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